Vintage Oasis "Liam" T-Shirt

The English rock group Oasis formed in 1991 in Manchester. Only a few short years later, the band's debut album, Definitely Maybe, was at the top of the charts on the UK and going Platinum in the US. The album was so successful it literally set a record for the fastest selling album in the UK (a record they would break themselves with their third album Be Here Now). And just like that, Oasis went from a small band to one of the most massive and important bands of their entire generation. Led by argumentative brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher, the rockers released seven albums before the brothers' relationship became so fraught that Noel just up and quit. They remain one of the most-loved band of the modern era. This original Oasis tour shirt, lightly worn in great condition, features a live shot of Liam on the back. 

Dimensions: 21.75" Wide by 28.75" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in El Salvador

Brand: FOTL Heavy Cotton