Vintage Neurosis "Pain Of Mind" T-Shirt

Neurosis are a band from Oakland, CA founded in 1985. They initially took influence from British political punk bands but quickly expanded their sound, bringing keyboardists and visual artists into the fold to create a hard-to-define style that was all their own. It all started, though, with their debut album, 1987's Pain Of Mind. The lineup of the band didn't even include Steve Von Till at that point as Chad Salter was playing second guitar, but of course it was led by founding member Scott Kelly. The record would prove to be a great foundation for the band to move forward from, adding avant-garde ideas to an unusual palate as they kept going. They are still active to this day. This original Neurosis single stitch shirt, in excellent condition from 1986 or 87, is from the earliest era of the legendary band's history.  

Dimensions: 21.50" Wide by 27" Long 

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