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Vintage Necros Big Boys The Offenders “NITE LIFE” Texas Poster

Necros were a hardcore band formed in 1979 in Maumee, OH, right south of Toledo and just a short trip away from Detroit. Alongside bands like Negative Approach, The Fix, and The Meatmen, Necros were instrumental in putting the midwest on the hardcore map and documenting it via their Touch & Go Records. As the band continued, they released weirder and weirder stuff, but a lot of people prefer the early material, the genre-defying hardcore 7"s and such. While their sound was local, they were instrumental in helping spread hardcore across the US, partially by touring. One of their tour stops in 1983 was in Austin, TX were they met up with local legends Big Boys and The Offenders. Big Boys were an early hardcore band who combined elements of funk and skateboarding to create a style all their own, and The Offenders were another Austin band who played a ruthless and unruly style of hardcore and shared members with MDC. This original Necros flyer, in good condition with yellowing and a center crease as well as general wear throughout, is from their show at Nite Life in Austin, TX with Big Boys and Offenders. 

Dimensions: 11" Wide by 17" Long