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Vintage Minutemen "Project: Mersh" Promotional Poster

Minutemen were a punk band from San Pedro, CA. The band was founded in 1980 and played a concise yet weird style of music. They called their methodology "econo" which became a sort-of rallying cry for the band. In 1985, they released the EP Project: Mersh on SST. It featured cover art from guitarist D. Boon. Mersh is slang for commercial, the opposite of econo. This record wasn't a change of heart for the band, it was more a joke from D. Boon and Mike Watt. But they did have longer songs. Sadly, the band broke up when D. Boon died later that same year. This original Minutemen show poster, in great condition, is from a tour in the band's final months in support of Project: Mersh

Dimensions: 14" Wide by 23" Long