Vintage The Grand Kabuki "1982 US Tour" Poster

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The Grand Kabuki is a Japanese theater troupe. The group is, as their name implies, steeped in the Kabuki tradition, a type of drama that includes dancing and singing from the 17th century. In 1982, they came over to the United States for performances in New York, NY, Knoxville, TN, and Washington, DC. Here is an excerpt from Jennifer Dunning's review in the New York Times

...the Kabuki has retained its essential goal of entertainment, with brilliantly colorful costumes and makeup, elaborate sets and ingenious stage devices. Playful and poignant, the tales of heroic virtue and boisterous wickedness speak a familiar tongue. The message of the Grand Kabuki is a simple one, readily transmittable across the years and continents - enjoy, enjoy.

This original poster, in great condition, is from the Grand Kabuki's 1982 US Tour. Would look great in a frame!

Dimensions: 25" Wide by 39" Long