Vintage Metallica "Pushead" Raglan Hoodie

Metallica, the Bay Area thrash metal legends founded in 1981, began working with legendary artist Pushead in the late 1980s. Metallica were known for their evil and angry music, and Pushead was known for his evil and angry art, so it was a great pairing. The Boise artist did art for singles, merchandise, and albums, creating a unified and singular aesthetic that carried the band through multiple eras, from the end of the Cliff Burton era to ... And Just For All to St. Anger. Now, four decades later, Metallica are still playing their metal anthems for stadiums of fans across the world all while still being accompanied by their long-time collaborator Pushead. This vintage three-sided Metallica hoodie, in excellent condition, features great Pushead art. 

Dimensions: 24" Wide by 26.25" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in Ireland

Brand: Screen Stars By Fruit Of The Loom