Vintage Metallica "Metal Up Your Ass" T-Shirt

Metal Up Your Ass was what Metallica originally intended to title their debut album. At that point, in 1983, Metallica was in their earliest incarnation. They had only formed two years earlier. Dave Mustaine was still on guitar and Ron McGovney was still on bass (Mustaine was kicked out of the band after recording and went on to form Megadeath, and McGovney was replaced shortly after by Cliff Burton). However, the band couldn't get the record title OKed by their label. Metallica subsequently changed its title to something that we all now know: Kill 'Em All. This vintage Metallica shirt without licensing, nicely faded and worn, is the original version of the iconic design referencing their rejected debut album title. 

Dimensions: 21.25" Wide by 24.25" Long 6.25" Sleeve Length

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