Vintage Merauder "King Of Kings" T-Shirt

If you get into Merauder at a enough young age, you will misspell the word wrong for the rest of your life. Once you hear Life Is Pain, Marauder with an A doesn't exist anymore. There is only Merauder. It's for the better. Merauder are a New York Hardcore band founded in 1990. They've gone through many lineup changes. They've been fronted by Minus, Jorge, and Eddie Leeway. Javier "Sob" Carpio (RIP) played guitar, Vinny Vitale and Pokey Mo plays drums at some point. And many other people played in the band throughout the years as well. But they've always been hard and always been good. This vintage Merauder shirt from the 2000s, worn in and faded, features the band's famous logo first seen on their 1993 demo.

Dimensions: 21.50" Wide by 27" Long 

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