Vintage Mental "Summer 05'" T-Shirt

Mental were a hardcore band from Boston, MA founded in 2001. They released three 7"s and an LP, all through their own Lockin Out Records save for one EP. The band brought with them an appreciation of obscure NYHC, rap, and sneakers to create an entirely new aesthetic, one that would become the predominant style for the first part of the new millennia. In their wake, everyone was skanking low and reading Trumbull. Their final record, the LP Planet Mental, was released in 2005. Just as they always did, Mental toured on the record, going across the US and Europe, but after four years of doing just that they decided they did all they could and called it quits on December 12, 2005 in Atlanta, GA at the end of a tour. This original Mental shirt, in great condition, is from the end of the influential band's career. 

Dimensions: 19.50" Wide by 28" Long 

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