Vintage Megadeth “Holy Wars” T-Shirt

Megadeth are a Grammy-winning, Los Angeles-based thrash metal band founded in 1983 by Dave Mustaine after he was kicked out of Metallica. In 1990, the band released their fourth album, Rust In Piece, on Capitol Records. The quartet had already established themselves as one of the premier thrash metal groups, but RIP pushed the group to new heights. Many consider the album to the the band's best and it was even nominated for a Grammy. The album's first single was "Holy Wars... The Punishment Due," a song whose searing lyrics are only surpassed by the ripping guitar solos. This original Megadeth shirt, tailored on the sides and heavily worn, is from the band's European tour in support of Rust In Piece

Dimensions: 19.50" Wide by 26" Long 

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