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Vintage Mayhem "Pure Norwegian Black Metal" Long Sleeve Shirt

Mayhem are a black metal band, one of the first ever, from Oslo, Norway founded in 1984. They are one of the most influential and notorious groups in all of metal. Yes, they're known for church burnings and for having decapitated pigs or sheep heads on stage, and for the suicide (Dead) and murders (Euronymous) of band members, but they're also known for their excellent and brutal music. Dead's suicide became an integral part of the band's story, as a photo of the scene (taken by Eronymous) was used as cover art for a bootleg live set and band members were said to have made a stew from the brains and necklace from the skull. The band is still active to this day and is led by bassist Necrobutcher and drummer Hellhammer. This vintage Mayhem long sleeve is heavily sun faded and worn.

Dimensions: 21.75" Wide by 27.75" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in El Salvador

Brand: Gildan Heavyweight Cotton