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Vintage Marvel Knights Daredevil "Mack & Quesada" Graphitti T-Shirt

Daredevil is a superhero from Marvel Comics. He debuted in 1964, created by Jack Kirby, Stan Lee, and Bill Everett. Daredevil is really Matt Murdock, the son of a boxer who goes blind after a radioactive substance from a truck is dumped on him. He fights crime in New York City and keeps the streets safe, even without seeing how he's doing it. The comic has spawned various shows and movies. In 1998, Marvel started the Marvel Knights series, which featured stories by David Mack and artist Joe Quesada. This vintage Daredevil shirt, in great condition, is from Mack and Quesada's Marvel Knights run. 

Dimensions: 24" Wide by 28.50" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in Mexico

Brand: Hanes Heavyweight