Vintage Los Angeles Clippers "Starter” Tank Top

The Clippers came to Los Angeles in 1984 from San Diego. This move was not approved by the NBA, the Clippers just gave them no choice really. After a rocky start, the Clippers started making playoffs appearances in the early 90s with Larry Brown at coach and later Bob Weiss. They moved to the famous Staples Center in 1999, where they continued to struggle. But alas as all good things do, they came to those who waited. The Clippers drafted Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan, and acquired Chris Paul. The early 2010s saw the Clippers blossom into real playoff competitors, a team that had to be taken seriously. And that remains true to this day, now with Kawhi Leonard leading the team. This vintage Clippers Starter tank top, lightly worn in great condition, is perfect for a Clippers fan of any era, whether you suffered through losses or are now celebrating victories. 88% Cotton 12% Rayon.

Dimensions: 21" Wide by 25"

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in USA 

Brand: Starter