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Vintage L'Amour "Rock Capital Of B'KLYN" Show Calendar Flyer

L'Amour was a music venue located in Brooklyn, NY. The venue was founded in 1978 and originally hosted disco shows, but it transformed into one of the best and most important metal clubs in NYC in the early 80s. They hosted such important bands as Metallica, Iron Maiden, and many more, but they were also home to local bands like Type O Negative, Agnostic Front, and Biohazard. The club closed in 2004 after decades of important shows, but its legacy still lives on to this day. This original L'Amour flyer, with light yellowing in excellent condition, features show listings for the summer of 1986, featuring appearances from The Ramones, King Diamond, Anthrax, and more. 

Dimensions: 8.50" Wide by 11" Long