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Vintage King Sunny Adé Olatunji "World Music Super Jam '87" Concert Poster

In the 1980s, the term "world music" became a genre which encompasses all non-western music, usually traditional. There was an increased interest in sounds and styles from all over the globe, so much so that Woodbury Ski & Racquet organized the World Music Super Jam in 1987. The show featured Olatunji And The Drums Of Passion and King Sunny Adé. Both musicians were from Nigeria. Olatujni played percussion while Sunny Adé played guitar. The show was surely great. This original concert poster, in great condition with minor creasing and some edge wear, is from Olatunji and King Sunny Adé's performance at Woodbury Ski & Racquet on June 14, 1987. 

Dimensions: 16.75" Wide by 21.25" Long