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Vintage Kid Dynamite "Last Dance" final show poster

Kid Dynamite were a punk hardcore band from Philadelphia, PA founded in 1997. Drummer Dave Wagenschutz and bassist Steve Farrell began playing with guitarist Dan Yemin after Lifetime, Yemin's previous band, broke up. Singer Jason Shevchuk won the slot of singer through auditions, and quickly thereafter the band began playing and recording, eventually releasing two LPs (1998's Kid Dynamite and 2000's Shorter, Faster Louder) before breaking up in 2000. The band got back together a few times in the 2000s, but members have since gone on to play in several different bands including Paint It Black, None More Black, Open City, and more. This original Kid Dynamite poster, in good condition, is from the band's final show on February 19, 200 at the First Unitarian Church.

Dimensions: 18" Wide by 24" Long