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Vintage Kente Is More Than A Cloth "History And Significance Of Ghana's Kente Cloth" Educational Poster

Kente is a textile from Ghana. It often features bright colors and intricate patterns. The cloth has an incredibly rich history, tracing its roots back to weaving traditions from 3000 BC. Due to its lineage and the well-established symbolism of its many variations, it might be daunting to attempt to gain some sort of understanding of all there is to know about Kente. Luckily, there is this amazingly detailed educational poster that breaks down history and significance, as well as a visual guide to patterns, cloths, and colors. Everything you need to know is here and easy to reference. This original and rare educational poster, in excellent condition with minor wear and a small tear near the top left corner, illustrates how Kente is more than a cloth. 

Dimensions: 27" Wide by 39" Long