Vintage John Ownbey Company "Type II" 9oz Sateen Trousers

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The John Ownbey Company was founded in 1955. They made clothing  for the military, specifically for pilots. Which is to say that they made utilitarian clothing that was made to last even under stress. These pants are just that: simple but with purpose. They can hold your belongings. They can stop the wind. They cover your legs. What else do you want? But just because they were designed to be of service doesn't mean that they don't also look good. These vintage John Ownbey Company sateen trousers are nicely worn in and wind resistant. 

Dimensions: 28" Waist 28" Long 10" Leg Opening

Tag Size: Small/Regular

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: John Ownbey Company