Vintage John Lennon "Hand Screened" Bleached T-Shirt

John Lennon was a British musician born in Liverpool in 1940. He was, of course, a founding member of the Quarrymen, which would turn into The Beatles, the world's most popular band. The Beatles popularized the long-playing album and recorded and released an amazing amount of records in their time as a band, with many of them being released after the band stopped touring in 1966. After the breakup of The Beatles, John started a solo career that began with his collaboration with the Plastic Ono Band, which included his wife, artist Yoko Ono. Lennon became an activist focused on peace and anti-war as well, focusing much of his art on those topics. Three weeks after the release of his album Double Fantasy in 1980, Lennon was shot and killed outside his Manhattan Apartment. His music and message endure to this day. This vintage hand-screened and bleached John Lennon shirt from the early 1990s is heavily faded and worn. 

Dimensions: 21" Wide by 27" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: N/A

Brand: SE