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Vintage Jimi Hendrix "All That He Was, Is Still" Poster

Jimi Hendrix was the guitarist of the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the Band of Gypsys. He is the best guitarist of all time. He played his upside down guitar in such a way that nobody before or since has been able to do what he did. He only released four albums — three with the Experience and a live album with the Gypsys — before his untimely death at the age of 27. Despite only being on the Earth for such a short period of time, Hendrix changed the way people play music. This vintage Jimi Hendrix poster — with pinholes, tape in corners from previous hanging, creasing, and folding around edges and normal wear from age — features green black light paint around photo of Jimi Hendrix, which is exactly the type of thing you want on an old poster. This thing was hung lovingly in someone's rock and/or drug lair. Oh baby, if this poster could talk, it would probably tell some great stories of late night trips into the next dimension - would look great in a frame! 

Dimensions: 22" Wide by 34" Long