Vintage Jesus Lizard "Cannibal Club" Gig Poster

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Jesus Lizard are a noise rock band from Chicago, IL founded in 1987. The band began releasing records through seminal punk label Touch & Go and, like many of their contemporaries, found their way to major labels in the mid 90s. Their harsh and abrasive sound didn't lend itself to mainstream success, though the band has proved to be important and influential to mainstream and underground bands alike. They released six albums in total during their time together. Although they broke up at the turn of the 21st century, Jesus Lizard have reunited several times and have remained active since 2017. This original Jesus Lizard poster, in great condition, is from their shows at Cannibal Club in Austin, TX from November 1991.

Condition: Great condition 

Dimensions: 17" Wide by 22" Long