Vintage Italia "Mia" Ringer Shirt

Italy is a country. Located on the Mediterranean Sea, the European nation is home to amazing scenery, important civilizations, and excellent food. People have been living in Italy for a long time, and because of that there's a lot to love. From Roman antiquity to Renaissance art to espresso, there are lot of things we have to thank Italy for. If you're Italian and want to show love for your country, it's best to show it with a vintage tee. This vintage ringer from the early 80s, in great condition with light spots on the back from prolonged storage, is for people who love "mia Italia," or "my Italy" for those who don't speak Italian. 

Dimensions: 16" Wide by 25" Long 

Tag Size: S

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: N/A