Vintage Iron Age "Constant Struggle" T-Shirt

Iron Age are a hardcore band from Austin, TX from the mid 2000s. Members of Iron Age had previously played in more straightforward hardcore bands like Far From Breaking, but with Iron Age, the band embraced a more crossover sound. Guitarist Wade Allison penned some of the hardest riffs of the modern era and soloed over all of it with an unmatched ease and virtuosity while vocalist Jason Tarpey sang with such ferocity that there is just no possible way to listen to their songs without feeling like you have to move. The band's debut album, Constant Struggle, was released on Youngblood Records in 2006 after a string of demos and 7"s and was a sea change. Gone were the days of innocence and skanking low in Dunks, it was now an era ruled by Iron Age's power. They would only continue their reign with recordings like The Sleeping Eye, The Way Is Narrow, and, of course, The Saga Demos. This original Iron Age shirt, in great condition, is from the Constant Struggle era. 

Rest in piece Wade Allison. 

Dimensions: 19" Wide by 27" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: Made in Honduras

Brand: Hanes Heavyweight