Vintage In Effect Fanzine "New York Hardcore" Issue #5

In Effect was a hardcore fanzine started by Chris Wynne in 1988 in College Point, NY. The zine eventually ran for over a decade, producing 12 issues and printing thousands of copies. In 1994, Wynne published issue #5, which featured interviews with Sheer Terror, Yuppicide, and Sick Of It All. Wynne began the In Effectwebsite and continued on featuring bands, albeit digitally. Shining Life Press publisehd an In Effect Anthology in 2021. This original copy of In Effect is in great condition with light marks and spots on the cover.

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long 

Page Count: 26

Editor: Chris Wynne

From: College Point, NY

Year: 1994

Binding: Staple