Vintage Guillotine Issue #3 "New York Hardcore" Zine

Guillotine is a hardcore fanzine from New York. Founded by Wendy Guillotine in 1981 and in still in operation today, albeit in a different format nowadays, the zine stands as one of the few things from the original era of hardcore still in existence to this day. This issue, #3, features interviews with Sadistic Exploits, as well as reviews of shows from The Undead and Angelic Upstarts, and records by Nihilistics, Subhumans, and Conflict to name a few. This original copy of Guillotine is in great condition with light wear and two missing staples.  

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long 

Page Count: 16

Editor: Wendy Eager

From: Jackson Heights, NY

Year: 1982

Binding: Staple