Vintage Guided By Voices "Under The Bushes Under The Stars" Long Sleeve Shirt

Guided By Voices are a rock band from Dayton, OH formed in 1983. In their early years, the band, fronted by an elementary school teacher named Robert Pollard, just basically played local bars and made records that were distributed to friends and family. By the early 90s, though, the band had started to gain a following outside of their own local scene. After the release of their seminal album Propeller in 1992, GBV signed to Matador and released a string of records that cemented them as lofi rock royalty. Bee Thousand and Alien Lanes are still regarded as some of the best indie records ever. In 1996, GBV released their ninth album, Under The Bushes Under The Stars on Matador. It was the last record to feature the "classic" lineup of Pollard, Tobin Sprout, Mitch Mitchell (not from Hendrix's band), and Kevin Fennell and was their first recorded on a 24-track and not on their own cassette mixer. This vintage Guided By Voices heavy weight long sleeve shirt, with a few light marks and spots, is from the band's 1996 release Under The Bushes Under The Stars

Dimensions: 20.50" Wide by 29.25" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Brand: Swing Epistles