Vintage Good and Plenty Fanzine "Issue #5"

Good And Plenty was a hardcore fanzine from Illinois. The zine, which was compiled by Gabe Rodriguez, ran for seven issues and featured interviews with many of the late 80s and early 90s biggest bands. Draw Down books eventually published a book of the zines that focused on the graphic design work but not on the content. If you're looking to actually read the interviews and see what Gabe and co. had to say, then you need the real deal. This issue, #5, features interviews with Turning Point, Carry Nation, Billingsgate, Say No More, and more. This original copy of Good And Plenty is in great condition with normal wear.  

Dimensions: 7.25" Wide by 10.50" Long 

Page Count: 46

Editor: Gabe Rodriguez

From: Zion, IL

Year: 1990

Binding: Staple