Vintage Geshpenst Accomplice "Burning Spirits" T-Shirt

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Geshpenst and Accomplice were two hardcore bands from Japan. They both released 7"s in the mid 90s. Accomplice released Over The Edge in 1994 on Stinger and Geshpenst, which featured Sugar Mitamura from Paintbox, released Just Keep This Fighting in 1995 on HG Fact. In 1997, the two bands went on the annual summer Burning Spirits tour. The tour featured different bands every year but is of course notable for spawning the scene of bands that Japan is perhaps best known for: Gauze, Death Side, Bastard, and many others. This original Burning Spirits Tour shirt, in excellent condition with fading and wear, is from the 1997 edition of the tour which featured Geshpenst and Accomplice. 

Dimensions: 22" Wide by 24" Long 

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