Vintage GBH "Church Of The Truly Warped" T-Shirt

G.B.H. are a British punk band founded in 1978. The band, who were originally known as Charged G.B.H., were instrumental in the creation and popularization of the UK82 sound. G.BH. related Church Of The Truly Warped, their seventh album, in 1992 on the Rough Justice label. They are still active today, touring across the world and releasing new albums, despite the fact, or maybe in spite of the fact, that Youth Of Today dissed them on stage at the show they played together in Albany in May of 1986. This vintage G.B.H. shirt, in great condition, features the album's cover as well as a great G.B.H sleeve print. 

Dimensions: 22" Wide by 27" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in Ireland

Brand: Screen Stars