Vintage Floorpunch "Division 1 Champs" Football Jersey

Floorpunch were a straight edge hardcore band from New Jersey formed by ex members of Release, Insurrection, and Spirit (who Rick Ta Life called "phat") in 1995. The band released a demo and Division One Champs EP on Brett Beach's In My Blood Records before releasing their final release, the Fast Times at the Jersey Shore LP on Equal Vision Records in 1998. In their short tenure, Floorpunch were both the preeminent straight edge band and one of the most controversial bands on the hardcore scene. They drew from a late 80s style of NYHC that was nearly forgotten at that point, bringing attention back to bands like Youth of Today, Breakdown, and Cro-Mags while also making more obscure bands, like Outburst, standard parts of core conversation. They were clean cut and jockish. And, most of all, they were unapologetic in their approach. Floorpunch reunited first in 2007 and has continued playing and touring ever since, albeit sporadically. In 2009, they reunited for several shows and festivals over the course of the summer, ending with a top spot at that year's This Is Hardcore Festival in Philadelphia, PA. The band made a limited amount of jerseys — legend is there were only 26 made with only 20 going out to the public — and gave them out to friends who were young and straight edge. The jerseys were notably not the kind you'd buy from Champs in the mall but were actual football jerseys that were designed to have pads affixed underneath. This original Floorpunch jersey, lightly worn with discoloration and marks is in great condition with discoloration on the print and white trimming, is an extremely rare piece of merch from the New Jersey straight edge band. 

100% Polyester

Dimensions: 22" Wide by 32.50" Long 

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in Vietnam

Brand: Yale Sportswear