Vintage Family Matters "Urkel" T-Shirt

Steve Urkel was the Winslows' neighbors on Family Matters, played by actor Jaleel White. He was a klutzy nerd who had a big crush on Laura. Urkel wasn't the protagonist you'd except, especially with the Winslow kids all being cool and popular. But we as a nation fell in love with him, his big glasses and nasally voice and his penchant to accidentally break things. Urkel's alter ego, Stefan, later proved that he could be cool as well, but I think we all prefer the geeky version. Family Matters ran for nine seasons, from 1989 until 1998. The show was a mainstay of television for basically the entire 90s. This vintage Urkel shirt, nicely worn in and faded, features a great portait of the man himself and some of his catch phrases. 

Dimensions: 18.75" Wide by 26.75" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: Made in USA

Brand: Changes