Vintage Dog Eat Dog "Hotdog" T-Shirt

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There's a part in the 1993 film Super Mario Bros. where bad guy Spike buys his fellow bad guy Iggy a hot dog to eat. They both sniff the sausages and in a great comedic moment, Spike says, "They call it dog." It's funny because, you know, hot dogs aren't really made of dog. It's just a mish mash of a bunch of random stuff, I think. So I guess if a dog really did eat a hot dog, like he's about to on this nicely worn shirt in great condition from 1984, it wouldn't be unethical cannibalism and more just a dog quenching their hunger. 

Dimensions: 20" Wide by 24.75" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Hanes