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Vintage Dicks "Which Dick's Where" Flyer

Dicks were a punk hardcore band from Austin, TX founded in 1980. The band was both political and antagonistic, openly discussing leftist ideas in a conversation era and area. Alongside with other bands in the Austin scene, like Big Boys (who Dicks released a split live LP with early on), Offenders, and MDC, Dicks were responsible for helping establish part of the early USHC sound and style. However, they didn't stick around in Texas long, as singer Gary Floyd moved the band San Francisco. The band ended up releasing two more LPs on SST and Alternative Tentacles before splitting up in 1986. They have reunited sporadically since then. This original Dicks flyer, in good condition with general wear including discoloration and edge wear and some damage in the bottom right hand corner, is from two shows in April 1984. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long