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Vintage Denmark "You'll Love It" Poster

Denmark is a European country in Scandinavia. Its capital is Copenhagen. Denmark is a really nice place, I've got to say. Some of us at Joint Custody have been fortunate to travel there a few times. One time I was there in winter, in Copenhagen to be exact. It was very cold. I went to an award winning coffee shop. I walked up to the shop the same time as a mother and her baby, the thickly bundled up infant an a stroller. The mother parked the stroller outside the coffee shop and walked in childless. I was astounded. This parent was not only leaving their newborn outside, they were leaving their newborn outside in the Scandinavian winter! I asked a Danish person about this later on in the day, inquiring if this was normal behavior. I was assured that this was a perfectly Danish thing to do. "Don't worry," the Dane told me, "No one would steal a baby. They don't want the burden of raising a child that is not their own." That's when I realized Denmark is a beautiful place, where everyone is taken care of and the people are considerate, and on top of that the sights are truly beautiful. This vintage Denmark tourism poster, in great condition with normal wear and tear but no major marks, lets you know you'll love it. It's true, I learned that first hand. Would look great framed! 

Dimensions: 24" Wide by 39" Long