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Vintage DEICIDE & Confusion "The Final L'Amour Assault" Flyer

Confusion was a hardcore band from Brooklyn, NY. They formed in 1990 and had a small output across their short career, releasing two demos and a four-song 7". During their time together, though, they played a lot of shows. They were, after all, a local band in New York in a great era. At the tail end of 1994, the band decided to call it quits and they went out playing with Deicide at L'Amour, a Brooklyn club that mostly focused on metal. Deicide are a death metal band from Tampa, FL who originally formed in 1987. In 1994, the band was gearing up to release their third album, Once Upon The Cross, which would come out on Roadrunner early in the next year. At that point, it had been two years since they released an album, although they did release the early demos on Amon: Feasting The Beast in 1993. Deicide still play to this day. This original flyer, in excellent condition, is from Confusion's last show with Deicide on December 9th, 1994 at the legendary Brooklyn venue L'Amour. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long