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Vintage Deftones Quicksand Snapcase "La Luna" 1998 Poster

Deftones are a band from Sacramento, CA founded in 1988. The group's lineup solidified in the early 90s and once they got things in place they started to gain momentum very quickly. They signed to Maverick and released their debut, Adrenaline, in 1995 and then followed it up with Around The Fur, a Gold-certified album, two years later. And then after that, they released the monumental White Pony, which went Platinum, and just kept on trucking, releasing records, winning Grammys, and earning praise as one of the best and most interesting and hard-to-pin-down bands to ever do it. In 1998, the band was supporting Around The Fur and got the similarly styled Quicksand to actually get back together for the tour. Quicksand had broken up a few years earlier after the release of their sophomore album Manic Compression in 1995. They split again after the tour, but bassist Sergio Vega wound up filling in for bassist Chi Cheng after his tragic accident in 2008. Also joining them on the tour was Buffalo hardcore band Snapcase. This original Deftones show flyer, in excellent condition, is from their show at La Luna in Portland, OR on their 1998 tour with the reunited Quicksand and Snapcase.

Dimensions: 11" Wide by 17" Long