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Vintage Dead Kennedys "The Ritz Sunday December 8" Flyer

Punk hardcore band Dead Kennedys formed in 1978. They were a political band, using singer Jello Biafra's satirical and humorous lyrics to expose various problems both in their home state of California and abroad. Their debut LP Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetableswas released in 1980 and featured two of the bands earliest and most classic songs, "California Über Allies" and "Holiday In Cambodia." Dead Kennedys were quickly recognized as one of the best and most important bands in punk. They would break up only a few years later in 1986 after releasing three more albums and being taken to trial for obscenity. They notably reformed without Jello Biafra on vocals after Jello lost a lawsuit from previous members. This original Dead Kennedys flyer, in great condition with general wear and a pinhole, is from a show at The Ritz. 

Dimensions: 11" Wide by 8.5" Long