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Vintage Darkthrone "Under A Funeral Moon" Taakeferd Long Sleeve

Norwegian black metal band Darkthrone released Under A Funeral Moon, their third album, in 1993. Like their previous two releases, the album was released by English metal label Peaceville. At that point in their career, Darkthrone had fully committed to black metal. Their debut album was more in death metal tradition, but after being influenced by Euronymous from the legendary band Mayhem they began to lean towards a more black metal sound and aesthetic. They used corpse paint and chose new aliases. The band was now made up of Fenriz, Nocturno Culto, and Zephyrous. Under A Funeral Moon was recorded at Creative Studios in Norway and allowed the band to experiment with new tones which set a precedence for the sound and style of black metal for years to come. The record is now considered to be a classic of the genre. This original Darkthrone long sleeve, nicely faded, is from the band's 1993 album Under A Funeral Moon

Dimensions: 24.25" Wide by 26" Long 20.50" Sleeve Length

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: N/A

Brand: N/A