Vintage Damaged Goods "Punk Hardcore" Zine Volume 2 #7

Damaged Goods was a hardcore fanzine from the earliest era of the genre and scene. Based out of Long Island, NY, the zine had access to things going on in New York, but didn't focus its efforts solely on that. This issue, volume 2 issue #7, featured interviews with regional acts like the relocated Bad Brains, the post-Misfits act The Undead, as well as reviews for local and non-local bands alike, like New York's very own Kraut, the Canadian Subhumans, and Los Angeles's legendary Black Flag. As much as this zine is an important historical document for an American underground musical movement, it's still an incredible piece of work with great interviews, photos, and ads. This original copy of Damaged Goods is in great condition with signs of aging. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long 

Page Count: 11

Editor: Lyle Hysen

From: Great Neck, NY

Year: 1981

Binding: Staple