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Vintage Dag Nasty "Can I Say" T-Shirt

Dag Nasty are a hardcore band from Washington DC. Founded by Minor Threat's Brian Baker and originally fronted by Shawn Brown, the band had a changed singers a few times, with DYS's Dave Smalley singing on their 1987 Dischord debut Can I Say and Peter Cortner singing on the band's next two albums, Wig Out At Denko's and Field Day. Throughout all releases though, they are led by Baker's guitar riffs that are fast, technical, and melodic all at the same time. Dag Nasty has ended and restarted several times but are currently playing in their original form with Shawn Brown, Brian Baker, bassist Roger Marbury, and drummer Colin Sears. This original Dag Nasty shirt, in great condition, features the face first seen on the cover of Can I Say

Dimensions: 18" Wide by 27.50" Long 

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