Vintage Dachshund "Portrait" Crewneck Sweatshirt

All dogs come down the evolutionary ladder from wolves, the gray wolf specifically. This wild carnivore turned into little cute fuzzy creatures. It's easy to forget that at times, especially when you look at, say, a daschund. Daschunds are little short dogs with long bodies, also known as wiener dogs, who were originally bred to hunt badgers and rabbits. Now, we mostly just like to hang with them. If you've got a special daschund in your life, or even if you just love the cute short breed, you can share your feelings on a beautiful sweatshirt. This vintage tan daschund sweatshirt, nicely worn with a few light marks, features a great big portrait of a little dog. 

Dimensions: 21.50" Wide by 23.50" Long 

Tag Size: M

Country of Origin: N/A

Brand: N/A