Vintage Cro-Mags "Near Death Experience" Long Sleeve Shirt

Cro-Mags, the legendary NYHC band, released Near Death Experience, in 1993. The band was formed over a decade earlier by bassist Harley Flanagan and guitarist Parris Mayhew and had taken many different forms by the time they arrived at their fourth LP. John Joseph, who sang for the band on their notable debut The Age Of Quarrel, had already left and rejoined the band, but this would serve as his last time singing in the studio with them. The album was released by Century Media and it was in line with their previous material: expertly written hardcore with metallic flares and memorable vocals. It served as the end of the era of the original band, even if it was pretty different from how things started. After the record's release, the Cro-Mags took a hiatus, eventually reforming near the end of the decade to record Revenge. Cro-Mags with JJ would reunite in the early 2000s but disputes between him and Flanagan would eventually create two competing forms of the same band. This original Cro-Mags long sleeve, in great condition, is from their tour in support of the 1993 album Near Death Experience

Dimensions: 21.25" Wide by 30.25" Long 27.50" Sleeve Length

Tag Size: XL

Country of Origin: Made in Ireland

Brand: Screen Stars Best