Vintage Crisis Rebirth "Seattle" T-Shirt

Crisis Rebirth were a crusty hardcore band from Seattle, WA. They released a split 7" with grindcore band Artortured in 1997, a split release between Bad People Records and Riotous Assembly. Their side of the record is a single song, the six-minute epic "Kleptocracy." According to engineer Dubh David Black, the band actually had to cut the song slightly in order to fit it on the 7", so they cut out the final fifteen seconds of the song, which were just a scream by lead singer Ajax. This original Crisis Rebirth shirt, worn and faded in great condition, features the label artwork from their 1997 split 7". 

60% Cotton 40% Polyester

Dimensions: 20.50" Wide by 28.50" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in Mexico

Brand: Oneita