Vintage Chumbawamba "Chopping At The Giant's Feet" Long Sleeve Shirt

Chumbawamba are, antithetically, an anarcho-punk band and a chart-topping rock act. Formed in England in 1982, Chumbawamba were initially featured on a Crass Records compilation, taking a lot of their political and musical influences from the Essex collective. The band began incorporating rave and techno influence into their sound and eventually signed with EMI Records in 1997. This is when they would produce their most popular song, the hit "Tubthumping." Before their rise to fame, though, they released their fourth album Slapin 1990 on Agit-Prop Records, which saw the band expanding and redefining their punk sound. This original Chumbawamba long sleeve, nicely worn with light fraying on the cuffs, features a reference to the song "That's How Grateful We Are" off their 1990 album Slap! 

Dimensions: 23.25" Wide by 28" Long 

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