Vintage Cathedral "Forest Of Equilibrium" Earache Records T-Shirt

Cathedral, the British doom metal band, released their debut album Forest Of Equilibrium on Earache in 1991. While the band was new, having formed in Coventry two years prior, they wrote and recorded seven songs that went on to be certified classics. Lead singer Lee Dorian, who previously sang for Napalm Death, not only fronted the band but he also helped produce the record, alongside the band's guitarist Gary Jennings and actual producer PBL. After the album's release, the band was signed to major label Columbia and continued releasing a total of ten albums before calling it quits in 2013. This original Cathedral shirt, nicely faded and worn, is from the release of Forest Of Equilibrium in 1991. 

Dimensions: 24.5" Wide by 26" Long 

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