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Vintage Carnivore & Confusion "Live At L'Amour" Last Show Flyer

Carnivore were a heavy metal band from Brooklyn, NY. They formed in 1983 and played a brutal style that was influenced by both hardcore and metal, which allowed them to have aggressive songs that also had a memorable musicality to it. Their music was often even catchy. During their original time together, the band, which notably featured Peter Steele on bass and vocals, released two albums before splitting up. Steele would go on to form Type O Negative, but Carnivore would reunite several times throughout the 1990s and even occasionally into the 2000s. On one of those instances, Carnivore played at the legendary L'Amour, a venue where they made a name for themselves originally, with the Brooklyn hardcore band Confusion early on in their short career. Confusion only released two demos and a four-song 7" during their time together but left a lasting impression on NYHC. This original show flyer, in excellent condition with light corner wear, is from the "last" Carnivore show on June 4 where they played with Confusion at L'Amour. 

Dimensions: 8.5" Wide by 11" Long