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Vintage Cannibal Corpse + Danzig Sticker Lot

Cannibal Corpse and Danzig are two metal bands. Cannibal Corpse play death metal while Danzig play a more traditional heavy metal. Cannibal Corpse was founded in Buffalo, NY (but have since moved to Tampa, FL) in 1988 while Danzig was formed in New Jersey in 1987. The two bands don't really have any connections, they're from different scenes and have different styles. But that being said, they're both bad ass and we assume you love them both equally. And if you do, you'll probably want to show your love by putting some cool vintage stickers on your binder, laptop, fridge, reusable water bottle, or skateboard. This vintage sticker lot features Cannibal Corpse and Danzig stickers from the 90s in great condition. 

Dimensions: 8.50" Wide 5" Long