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Vintage Buried Alive "Victory Records" Promo Glossy + Scott's All Time Top 10 Sheet

Buried Alive are a hardcore band from Buffalo, NY. Founded in the late 90s, the band notably featured Scott Vogel who had previously sang in Slugfest and Despair (and who would later sing in Terror) as well as other members of Despair and Union. The band played a metallic and abrasive style of hardcore that helped bridge the gap between the 90s and where the scene would go in a few years. In just a span of a few short years, they released a demo, two EPs, and one LP, mostly on Victory Records. The band has reunited in recent years and have even released new music. These original Buried Alive artifacts, a glossy promo and a page from a zine featuring Scott Vogel's favorite band list, are in great condition with signs of aging and a light yellowing around the edges. 

Glossy Dimensions: 10" Wide by 8" Long

Zine Page Dimensions: 8.50" Wide by 11" Long