Vintage Breakthrough "N.C. Straight Edge" Long Sleeve Shirt

Breakthrough was a straight edge hardcore band from North Carolina made up of members of the First Step and their crew(cial John). Despite having dedicated his entire life to straight edge hc, John Scharbach had never sang in a band before. They recorded their demo in 2003 with a guy named Nate who had a demo studio in his basement. The entirety of the music was recorded on the first day and John took a pass at the first song or two. Nate, who later acted in a Black Sabbath music video, bounced down the songs for the band to listen to and John was "devastated." John laid there and thought "All I wanted to do in my life was sing in a straight edge hardcore band and my vocals sucked so what was I gonna do now?" Despite this frustration, John finished the vocals to the demo the next day and the four songs that made up their tape were done. John's fear about the songs proved to be wrong, they had written and released a demo that was steeped in tradition but focused on the present. Oh, and the vocals were good. The four-song demo was released and then the band started playing shows shortly after. And by playing shows that just meant they would hop on The First Step sets randomly and unannounced. Breakthrough would play a total of 11 shows, including one at CBGBs and a short European tour, all of which were unannounced except for their final gig, the final The First Step show in 2008. This long sleeve shirt, which is in great condition, was designed by Crucial John and features the Urgency Records logo down the sleeve à la Schism and a great N.C. straight edge sleeve print and a photo from their first show on the back. This original Breakthrough shirt, which was printed in small quantities on both navy and red, was shipped out to anyone who expressed interest in the band by John himself. 

Dimensions: 22" Wide by 28" Long 

Tag Size: L

Country of Origin: Made in U.S.A.

Brand: Delta