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Vintage Breakdown "NYHC" Demo Tape

Breakdown are a hardcore band New York. The band formed in the late 80s out of a scene just north of the city, in Yonkers, alongside bands like Raw Deal (later Killing Time), with whom Breakdown's original lineup shared members. The band's first recording, their 1987 demo, became a classic of the form, helping establish a new era in hardcore and a new sound for New York. The band's lineup changed shortly after its release and singer Jeff Perlin continued the band on in various forms, though the desire for that early material only grew. Eventually, decades later, the band got back together with their original lineup, though members did a lot of other music in that interim period. To many, though, nothing ever topped that first demo. This original and rare Breakdown demo from 1987 with a white cover is in VG+ condition.